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2015 Challenge Blog

Welcome to All About Paper's

Enthusiast's Group Challenge Blog

Each month a photo challenge will be presented with a focus on using a specific function on your camera or taking photos based on a specific theme or subject matter.
You are welcomed to follow along with the monthly challenges through this blog.
Once a month our group meets and shares our 3 best challenge photos for that month.  We discuss methods, difficulties, new things learned, etc.

For additional inspiration check out:

If you would like to join our monthly meetings...
We meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month, from 2-4pm, at The Partridge House,
777 Lafayette Rd., Hampton, NH.
Remember to bring your photos for that month's challenge and remember to edit your selection to only your 3 best!


January 2015 Photo Challenge

"An Urban Winter"

These are snowy street scenes in urban centers (NOT landscapes).  
Capture buildings, streets, pedestrians, workers, vehicles, etc. with snow all around.
Composition is Key!!!  We are looking for interesting well composed pictures.


February 2015 Photo Challenge

"Photos Torn & Reconstructed"

Take 3 different pictures.  Subjects of your choice.  Print, then Tear or Cut.
Then Reconstruct each as a mosaic on cardstock.
Then re-take each photo so that your reconstructed picture fills the photo frame.
It is very important that your original photos have sharp, clear images.
Simple subjects and bright colors seem to work best.
Your reconstructed photos will have a certain amount of "graininess" that will give them
an old fashioned poster look!  This opens up a whole new technique of possibilities!
Play around with it and have fun!!!!


March 2015 Photo Challenge

"Spur of the Moment Shots"

These are random, spur of the moment shots taken while working on or doing something else entirely.  Perhaps you were driving somewhere when you just had to stop to get the shot.  Choose your three favorite spur of the moment shots and plan to share the situations that lead to these moments of opportunity that you could not pass up.

I was shoveling out after the 2nd Blizzard when I thought it would be a great picture with the caption about Spring. 
I ran inside to grab my camera and tripod to get this shot. 
Little did I know that 2 more back to back blizzards were on the way...
and that pile of snow behind me would end up being 7 feet deep!!!

After all the blizzards were said and done, snow plowed off the roads and out of parking lots, etc.
I happened to be driving home from a store that my Mom and I had gone to,
when Mom shouted out about this collapsed building.
I whipped the car around to go back and get this shot!

I was working on painting this new photo backdrop when it occurred to me that it might be a good Spur-of-the-moment shot!


April 2015 Photo Challenge

"Searching for Solitude"

These are photos of a solitary person within a space or landscape of solitary surroundings
(no other people in the shot foreground or background).
This is NOT a portrait shot, so the person does not have to be looking at the camera, and the person does not have to be recognizable (catch them in a moment of contemplation or thought, or maybe they are intensely focused on something)
You want to get the sense of Solitude from your photos.
The expanse of the background will be important to the composition.


May 2015 Photo Challenge

"Objects In Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear"

All photos taken from the viewpoint of looking into a side or rear view mirror.
The mirror should be an integral part of the photo!


June 2015 Photo Challenge

"Flower Centers"

These are photographs of Flower Centers; Not the full flower.
We want the beautiful and colorful centers to be the focus.
The key task here is getting sharp, clear photos of the centers.
It may be necessary to crop your pictures so that there are no background distractions.


July 2015 Photo Challenge

"My Book Covers"

If you were to write a book, or in this case 3 books, what would the subjects and titles be?
For this challenge you will photograph your book covers and
add the Title and your Name to each photo.
The key here is planning ahead so that the placement of your Title and Name does not
interfere with your photo.  You may get creative in achieving this challenge.
Remember, books need eye catching covers; think this through!
Do your best; this will be our August Library Group Show Presentation!

Don't forget....Save the date....our group photo show featuring all of our book covers
will be held throughout the month of August at the 
Lane Memorial Library
2 Academy Ave.
Hampton, NH

A reception to meet and talk with the photographers will be held
Tuesday, August 11th
6:30- 8:00 pm 
Lane Memorial Library

This is a free event open to all!
Come out and join us!


August 2015 Photo Challenge

"Bokeh with Shallow Depth of Field"

Bokeh was derived from the Japanese word for "blur".  This style of photography incorporates a sharply focused subject matter in the foreground, which your eye is automatically drawn to; and the background becomes a colorful blur.


September 2015 Photo Challenge

"Leading Lines"

These are photographs with compositions that incorporate "lines" which lead your eyes to a far point on the horizon; or draw your sight to a specific point in the photograph.


October 2015 Photo Challenge

"Altered States"

Using costumes, make up, camera filters, etc; anything to achieve
3 photos of yourself in altered states.

BONUS CHALLENGE:  3 Photos of  Fall Colors:


November 2015 Photo Challenge

"Photo Journalism/Human Interest/Street Photography"

These photos tell a newsworthy story, show an image that is dynamic; evokes a strong emotion or gives the viewer a glimpse into everyday life.  These photos are not staged, they are found by getting out there and being in the right place at the right time.


December 2015 Photo Challenge

"75%-100% White"

For this challenge your photographs will be primarily white.
This is about photographing white objects close up or photographing white objects on a white background.
It's the textures and shapes of the white objects that will give the photos dimension.
To get the best photos you will need to work with your White Balance on your camera so that your photos are not yellow tinted or blue tinted, etc...the off color tinting means you are not using the proper white balance or you may need to shoot in a different lighting environment.
Only a minimal amount of secondary color should be seen.  This is all about the white!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to All About Paper's Photo Enthusiasts Group
2014 Challenge Blog!
Each month a photo challenge will be presented with a focus on using a specific function on your camera or taking photos based on a specific theme or subject matter.
You are welcomed to follow along with the monthly challenges through this blog.
Once a month our group meets and shares our 3 best challenge photos for that month.  We discuss methods, difficulties, new things learned, etc.
For additional inspiration check out:
If you would like to join our monthly meetings...
We meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month, from 2-4pm, at The Partridge House,
777 Lafayette Rd., Hampton, NH.
Remember to bring your photos for that month's challenge and remember to edit your selection to only your 3 best!
"Textiles & Fabrics"
These are close up shots of fabrics and textiles. 
We want to see the textures, colors, threads, patterns, etc.  The fabrics/textiles should fill
your photo; no background distractions.  Get close up.  Make sure you have sharp,
clear pictures, not fuzzy or out of focus.  Take the time to get great close up shots!
For those members attending the meeting...bring two sets of your best 3 photos, in 4x6 size. 
One set will be for you to present and then put into your photo folio; the second set will be turned in for a future presentation board project!



"Bling & Sparkles"

These will be close-up pictures of sparkling things.
You do not have to show the entire item, you may crop the picture or use filters.
No background distractions.  A tripod and well placed lighting will be tremendously
helpful in getting those sharp, clear, sparkling images.
Remember to try and make your compositions interesting as well!


"Frame This Shot"

Using an actual frame (no glass or picture in it), hold the frame up to your subject and take the picture.  Incorporating your frame, and even including the hand or object holding up the frame will give these pictures some unusual added interest!  Remember that your subject still needs to be interesting and is the primary focus of the pictures; the frame is an intentional prop being added to your compositions.


"One Word Describes The Picture"

For this challenge you will choose One Adjective; and your three photos will be an interpretation of that word.  This will take some careful thought and creativity!  Write or Print your word on an index card and present with your photos.



"Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign"

This challenge is all about fun and/or interesting signage or advertising.
Signs can be big, bold, colorful, esthetically pleasing, 3 dimensional,
makes a statement, catches your eye for some reason.
Any and all kinds of signage or advertising works for this challenge!


"June Flowers"

Photographing flowers is one of the easiest challenges to do; so to add to this challenge you will be asked to present your photos in a creative way.
Instead of just printing your standard 4x6 photo alone or mounted on a mat,
create something different that really catches the viewer's eye.
We are looking for creative displays for this one!

Now, my creative display of these photos:


"My favorite subject matter or technique to photograph is..."

This challenge is self explanatory.  When you are not taking pictures for challenges, what are you taking pictures of, just because you love it?  Pick a favorite subject matter or a favorite technique; create a trio of pictures that reflect the challenge statement.  The 3 photos will all be of the same subject matter or of the same technique.
For members participating in the August group show, this will be the featured photography.
Additional instructions will be discussed at our regular meeting.




A quick reminder....

Our group photo show is coming up!  This year's theme is 
"My Favorite Subject Matter Or Technique To Photograph Is..."

Each member will display a collection of photographs representative of their favorite subject matter or technique.  There should be quite a variety!!!

The photographs will be on display throughout the month of August
at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, NH.

We will have a Meet & Greet,
 at the Lane Memorial Library
2 Academy Ave.
Hampton, NH
 on Wednesday, August 6th
Light refreshments will be served.
Everyone is Welcome!

Hope to see you there!!



"Out Of Place"

These photos will show an object or group of objects, in an unusual setting from where it or they would normally be found or seen.
This can be something you come upon by chance or a purposefully placed and staged object(s) that creates an interesting composition in it's "out of place" setting
Whether you find or set up your photos, think COMPOSITION.


September 2014 Photo Challenge

"From Songs To Photos"

For this challenge you will choose up to 3 different songs whose title's or lyrics inspire your photography!
The photos may be literal interpretations or may express an emotion evoked by the song title or lyrics.
Your song title and relevant lyrics will accompany each photo.

"...Well there's a rose in a fisted glove..."

Song Title:  Love The One You're With
Stephen Stills

"...Her royal gown is a satin dress that's stained and slightly torn,
And her sparkling jewels are rhinestones,
And her shoes are scuffed and worn...her scepter is a wine glass
And a bar stool is her throne..."

Song Title:  Queen of the Silver Dollar
Dr. Hook

"...sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe..."

Song Title:  The Air That I Breathe
The Hollies


October 2014 Photo Challenge

"Selfies with Statues, Sculptures or Costumed Characters!"

Time to set up your tripod, set your timer and get yourself in the pictures with your Statues, Sculptures or Costumed Characters.
Don't just passively pose with your subject...get creative, interact, make it fun!!!


November 2014 Photo Challenge

"Photo Journalism/Human Interest"

Every November we have this challenge.  We've had since January to take these pictures.
The only difference is that we have added the option of Human Interest as a subject matter.


December 2014 Photo Challenge

"The Big Remake"

Find 3 different pieces of artwork, advertisements, posters, etc., which are already in print...then stage your photos to the same likeness of these pre-existing pieces.  "Likeness" is the best way to describe your Remakes, because it would be extremely difficult to technically duplicate the pre-existing prints.  Let the originals inspire your remakes and try to capture the same essence of the originals!

1911 Oil on Canvas.  Pierre-Auguste Renoir
"Gabrielle with a rose"

1950's Pin Up Girl Illustration

2014 Oil on Canvas.  Anna Haldin-Maule
"Imitation of life"


2014 Special Project
Each photographer chose a specific object to photograph throughout the year; and created a cohesive collection of 12 photos of their chosen object.
This is my project...

"The Little Fairie Project"

"The snow is cold, but oh so beautiful"

"The Earth is waking up to Spring.  How fresh the gardens smell"

"Sometimes I feel so small"

"Welcome to my court.  Do you like my throne of roses?"

"Time for bed and magical dreams"

"The sun keeps me warm and dries my wings"

"There's always time for meditation"

"A tree hollow is the best place to cool off on a hot summer day"

"I wonder what is on the other side?"

" I watch and learn as the world goes by"

"Water bowls and an umbrella; what wonderful treasures to find!"

"Look, the red berries let us know that Fall is on it's way."


Thank you for following along with my blog for the 2014 photo year!

The 2015 blog will be posted in about a week with all new challenges for the new year!

Hope to see you at our Annual Photo Show held on Sunday, January 18th, 2015
at The Partridge House, 777 Lafayette Rd., Hampton, NH
2-4pm.  Light Refreshments.  Free & Open to all!
Come on out and meet the photographers and see all the 2014 photos!